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I don't like to give away too much about myself on the ~internetz~ so I'll just tell you a few things: I'm a female in my twenties from Chi-town. I spend most of my time on tumblr complaining about Glee, which makes for excellent hate-watching material in case you're interested.

people in a DeLorean

Anonymous said:

"I just can’t with the lack of continuity for the final 13 eps. That’s what bugs me." -- I guess we are supposed to see the previous 5 seasons as some continuity heaven then?

So odd to me that because of a single line people convinced themselves that all of s4 and s5 was one long continuity-filled arc. It really wasn’t.

was it either lft or staceysthings

Neither! Can you believe it?

Anonymous said:

Ha-ha, who knew that GT drew the line at Blaintofsky: "I just ranted about the inane that is Glee’s writers and their serious inability at long term emotional continuity for characters’ arcs and their spontaneous idea fuelled rather than character fuelled writing…"

Even the stans never expected the writers’ sadism to give us the horror that is Blainofsky.

Though I did see someone insist this neither “phased or surprised” them. Clearly that person needs to invest in buying lottery tickets.

But will Karofsky finally get to sing “Iris”?

Pacey and Joey Taught Us Everything We Need to Know About Love (x)





LOL omg I love this.

"But then Aunt Gwen butted in and made them feel bad about LOVING EACH OTHER."

"Dawson found out and Joey felt oppressed by the shackles of her friendship with Dawson and broke things off with Pacey."

Anonymous said:

Eww. Have you heard about Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth Paltrow?

I read about that a while ago on the esteemed website Blind Gossip. But I guess now it’s made its way to tabloid magazines.

Anonymous said:

Did Joey and Pacey ever have cheating? I don't remember.

There was never any cheating no, but Joey was way too emotionally involved with Dawson during season 4.

I think it was the writers’ way of keeping the triangle going without having Joey cheat.