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I don't like to give away too much about myself on the ~internetz~ so I'll just tell you a few things: I'm a female in my twenties from Chi-town. I spend most of my time on tumblr complaining about Glee, which makes for excellent hate-watching material in case you're interested.

people in a DeLorean

"Pacey, you’re unbelievable. I mean, as soon as I think have you all figured out, you go and you do something so outrageous that completely challenges me in a way that no one else would even think of. In case I don’t say it enough…thank you.

whoa season 2 fandom flashbacks

Meeeemories, like the corners of my mind~

My harddrive crashed, so I can’t respond to this with my image of Blaine crying in the hallway with the red beret on. :(

Aww, that was a classic.

Anonymous said:

If karma were real why does nothing bad ever happen to Blaine for the horrible things he does? Trying to force sex on your boyfriend to be a more believable actor and then sleeping with him the next night. Cheating on your boyfriend and then having all your mutual friends treat you like your the victim. Way too many more to mention. Dave has apologized for what he did, Blaine blames all of his mistakes on everyone else. If karma were a factor Blaine would end up alone and not with Dave.

Well anon, obviously making Blaine date Karofsky of all people is the writer’s punishment for all of his horrible transgressions. 

And then at the end of the series, he’ll don a red beret and apologize and that’s how we’ll know he’s truly sorry.

Anonymous said:

Kurtofsky shippers are doing what rational people do and thinking god I'm glad that Kurt is free of Blaine but what did Dave do to deserve being stuck with this asshole.

Kurtofsky shippers are doing what rational people do

That’s a first.

what did Dave do to deserve being stuck with this asshole

Karma for being a horrible person.

P.S. It’s ~*~Dave~*~

Anonymous said:

"#he was probably the worst person they could possibly choose #i shit you not i would prefer sam be blaine's new bf" But would you choose Will over Karofsky for the bf?

Because FOX didn’t cancel Glee when it should have, this is question I have to contemplate.

I’m curious as to how the Kurtofsky shippers are taking this, but not enough to go looking to find out. The whole thing is vomitous in the extreme.

From what I saw, denial and/or the belief that the point of this plot is for Kurt to realize he’s in love with Karofsky.


jesus, how the hell can someone want their favorite character to go through this?

I don’t know how anyone could view this storyline as anything other than one final indignity before the show ends and Blaine is released into the ether where RIB can no longer touch him again.

Anonymous said:

The tide is turning and some Blaine stans are totally on board the pirate ship. You see, finally Blaine gets a guy who'll treat him the way he deserves, and slobber all over him unlike this cold fish Kurt. Karofsky is the Adam Crawford. Too bad the writers will "pander" to Klainers, take the shiny devoted new bf away and "character-assassinate" Blaine by going back to Kurt! Ahoy!

I decided to go on a final nostalgia-fueled stroll through some of the blogs I used to hate and I saw some of this.

So many Blaine “stans” who have convinced themselves to like the idea of Blaine failing out of school and ending up with a guy who (their words, not mine) is a “perverted, creepy stalker” because it might mean Kurt learns the error of his ways or wtf ever.


Stumbling across pirates for the first time in years and they’re still peddling that line about how charity doesn’t count if you get something in return for donating.


I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fandom where certain fans work extremely hard to force themselves to like what they themselves admit is crap.

Just.. what even.