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I don't like to give away too much about myself on the ~internetz~ so I'll just tell you a few things: I'm a female in my twenties from Chi-town. I spend most of my time on tumblr complaining about Glee, which makes for excellent hate-watching material in case you're interested.

people in a DeLorean




I don’t trust the media, too many acronyms.  what does cnn stand for?  literally no one knows the answer

cable news network

could be.  literally no one knows

My level of shock is approximately zero.


he had a hot girlfriend who actually liked him and succeeded in his childhood dream that’s the opposite of a shitty deal

That’s the other thing. I thought he had a whole storyline with Mercedes (and romance is pretty much the only plot you’re going to get on Glee). How is that a shitty deal?

Hell, anon!Artie stan has a lot more to complain about. At least Sam didn’t come to NY, get an STD and then fade into the background. I hope you’re giving Sam stans a piece of your mind anon!Artie stan.

And really, the plots have been more consistent too

It’s a low bar but I agree.

Anonymous said:

Sweet bitter tears of a ship neutral: "Sometimes I remember what a shitty deal Sam Evans got for his NYC storyline and I get real bitter."

I just… they should be really happy Sam didn’t get unceremoniously dumped after McKinley was over like some other characters I could mention.

Like Glee, Naya!watch has been all over the place. But it’s still been more entertaining than Glee’s been since season 2.

At one point he called me and he’s like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna write a storyline where Kurt writes a best-selling book,’ I’m like ‘PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!’


Chris Colfer, in response to the question “I know sometimes in Glee, Ryan Murphy has written things based on your life. Like is there anything that’s happened yet that you’ve told him you’re like ‘oh, no!” (via mshoneysucklepink)

Little did he know this was literally the ONLY idea that Ryan had for Kurt and he would instead spend all his time floundering in a cover band with no actual dreams for his future or success

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So true. Couldn’t it have lasted at least a couple hours for the sake of my amusement?

I missed all the fun. :(