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I don't like to give away too much about myself on the ~internetz~ so I'll just tell you a few things: I'm a female in my twenties from Chi-town. I spend most of my time on tumblr complaining about Glee, which makes for excellent hate-watching material in case you're interested.

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Anonymous said:

GT raving about 5x16 Klaine: "Their behaviour totally in character. The continuity excellent. The learning to imperfectly communicate building." What does the last sentence even mean? Plus I didn't know continuity is being perpetually stuck in a conflict from two seasons ago, which gets a "solution" every time just to be ignored and repeated yet again. Yay?

I think she believes that if she states it forcefully enough, she can turn Glee into a good show.

Oh and if repeating storylines counts as “excellent continuity” then consider Glee the show with the best continuity since Gilligan’s Island.

Anonymous said:

long live actor 1! - reg at work

Whatever. I’m on actor 37’s (aka the guy who plays Howard Bamboo) side and I’m sick and tired of actor 1 sabotaging his attempts to come back.

Anonymous said:

i was the person that anon'd you about the tvshows blog and i didn't realize correcting your error made me a blog stan, lmao. i won't bother next time, stay this mad over some irrelevant blog.

I will. I will stay very mad.

Anonymous said:

Were u one of the ppl attacking the guy on his instagram account? U seem rly mad about this for someone who's done with glee.

They screencapped an instagram post. Anyone could’ve done that.

No we should be deeply grateful to their great service to this fandom.

Anonymous said:

fyeahgleeclub is so fucking full of themselves. Seriously, they're giving lip? like you missed April Fools day kids.

It’s laughable. “Maybe we need to stop sourcing at all to stop this from happening?” Um, like every week after daxterdd gets the episode descriptions and you create some other blog to reblog them from because you can’t just reblog it from her? Kinda like that?


Hey, so maybe next time we post a set picture how about you guys refrain from being obnoxious and attacking people based on who you think might be in the picture? Or how about you don’t comment at all lest we lose another source for set pictures? Maybe we need to stop sourcing at all to stop this from happening? Who knows. Thanks for your time.

Don’t you routinely steal info from sources and fail to give credit? Just keep doing that I guess.

Anonymous said:

"I’m so glad we no longer argue about whether they should have kissed or not. #fandom #old wank long past" (nadia's world)

Yes because it goes without saying that they should have.

Anonymous said:

I think Ryan told them to tweet and then wanted to appear as the saving Knight by making that comment about loving Klaine. As if. I don't want to sound like gleek/to but I am pretty sure they are heading towards a break or a break/up and then the time jump will skip over the separation so as not to lose more viewers but... I'LL BE FREE.

Haha, nobody wants to agree with gleekto but yeah.

I think the reality is Glee doesn’t know how to and doesn’t want to do happy couples. Same goes for couples that are together at all really.

So when I think about a planned time jump and a move to LA, I can’t envision them thinking “jump ahead to Klaine still being engaged and together” being an interesting story. OTOH, Klaine splitting up and then the whole season being spent on teasing a reunion? Couples getting together is obviously the only thing they really care about doing.