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I don't like to give away too much about myself on the ~internetz~ so I'll just tell you a few things: I'm a female in my twenties from Chi-town. I spend most of my time on tumblr complaining about Glee, which makes for excellent hate-watching material in case you're interested.

people in a DeLorean

wait people are actually trying to meta away Glee’s shitty timeline?!

How dare you doubt their ability to meta away anything.

the baby didn’t want Schue for a father and tried to stay in

I will also accept this explanation.

Based on the facts that (1) Emma got pregnant near the end of the school year, and (2) Emma had her baby in April of the following year, here are some possible explanations for the timing of Emma’s pregnancy:

Eric Stoltz directed that episode? I’m surprised he didn’t fit some random straight couple making out in the middle of the gay bar scene.


The way Ryan absolves himself of responsibility for what appears on screen is baffling and kind of fascinating.

I also love his repeated “I hope” when people ask if certain things will happen. Because it’s not like he has any control over it.

Heather having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t give some explanation (even a crappy one) of where Brittany is Ryan.

Anonymous said:

" even that rarely succeeds" ...has it ever succeeded?

It’s funny, but Glee meta didn’t used to have nearly as negative of a connotation for me as it does now.

Back in season 2 I actually really liked reading meta because it was mostly people filling in the gaps of Blaine’s character since we didn’t know much about him. And it was fun to read because people didn’t take themselves seriously and weren’t using it as a way to excuse all of Glee’s bullshit.

Anonymous said:

did you ever watch any of the Opinionated Glee Review videos?

I’ve never heard of it! Do they hate Glee?

Anonymous said:

"So there are things Kurt and Blaine want to try. Not yet, not when too much is still in flux, and right now they are just playing at it and pantomiming it and fantasizing about it. But man: 1. This feels very real and truthful to me. 2. I can’t wait to see the Internet go spare when the Tropes of Ryan Murphy kick in in S6 and Klaine totally has a threesome." lft on club scene

But a threesome would involve Klaine and therefore wouldn’t be allowed.